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FeelGoodNI is a website designed to help people like myself who are constantly trying to improve their lifestyle with HEALTH, WEALTH and GRATITUDE Here you can follow my journey in my blog-space, find some motivation, inspiration and tips that I have found helped me along the way and some of my favourite recipes. You can also find out about the amazing products that we offer and about the opportunity we have to join our fantastic team. I hope you enjoy.

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The journey so far...

Since leaving school and starting employment, I have continuously battled with my weight. I reckon I have probably tried pretty much all of the various weight loss plans out there at some time or another! Through all the various plans I feel I have gained some knowledge along the way, what is meant to be good for you and what isn’t, what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t but that never stopped me from falling off the wagon, struggling to keep it right and re-gaining any of the weight I had lost and sometimes more! Then fairly recently I got introduced to this new range of products and I lost 16lb in my first 5 weeks, I was back in the zone!

My aim..

I believe that successful weight management and a greater sense of wellbeing requires support from good friends and family, along with dedication and determination from within. My aim is to share motivation and inspiration giving support to anyone on a similar journey as I continue my venture for a healthier and wealthier lifestyle to enable me to enjoy life to the fullest, surrounding myself with a positive network of friends and being grateful for the abundance of amazing things I have around me every day. Feel free to connect with me and let's help each other with small steps to creating a BIG change!

The opportunity...

Although I have always been gainfully employed I have always wanted more! Something else to stimulate my mind and help me enjoy a better lifestyle. You can find out more by clicking 'opportunity' in the main menu.

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FEELGOODNI is a TS-LIFE Representative based in Belfast supplying TS Life health and wellness and CBD Infused Skincare products to Northern Ireland, UK, Ireland, USA, Ghana, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain and Belgium



May 29, 2020

Our NEW Vanilla (Vegan) 170 calorie Meal Replacement Shake is launched today with the nootropic CHOLINE added to optimise your mind as well as your bo...



May 22, 2020

Due to sourcing issues of some of the key ingredients in our amazing nutritionally complete meal replacement D-LITE Chocolate/Mint shake, we are curre...



May 16, 2020

Our new Vegan Friendly D-LITE Vanilla Shake is coming soon